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Oct 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
nobel is likely to support for his work. and this could change the course of science, seems less likely to change this researcher. >> and i'm a basic scientist. >> i will predict when he wins a nobel prize it will not change him one iota. >> and the mad dash to grab a good deal on black friday may be a waste of time. there are shopper that's do not get lowest prices on friday after thanksgiving. prices for many gifts are qlor at other times. and retailers select just a few items to dur us n walmart teeming fourp a card that is called blue bird and saying it will allow users to avoid increases fees and ause -- allows users to send money through a smart phone app. and there are google could be getting into the credit card business. >> which companies might be spying on us. >>? there is a house intelligence committee calling two tech companies a national security threat n a report throat that wallway and zp have links to china's government and goes on to say they can be using technology to spy on the united states and recommends the u.s. government block mergers involving those comp
Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
at 2:30 this morning and he answered the call, told by the royal swedish academy of sciences he and robert lefkowitz won the nobel prize. >> probably more towards crying just hard to believe. yes. >> he had been studying proteins more than a decade. starting at duke university and then, at stanford. because he was curious and he and his wife had a sense it was a big deal. his wife realized it. >> he said i didn't think it was going to work but here it s everyone huh? they sat up. and that gave me an idea it was a big thing. after that ef one wanted to know about it. >> his research explained body of communication system and his discoveries involving g protein receptors could change hoi we treat disease in the future. >> i hope is that we'll be able to use these structures to develop more safer, selective drugs more economically he said he lost funding owe sources because prot jekt wasn't moving along fast enough and in a news conference, he gave stanford university a lot of credit for believing in him. >> being here, you can have ideas others might think are crazy and people will tr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2